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The Cover Up - continues behind the scenes.

Nic Hart

At last more of Averil's medical records arrive and also information supplied under the freedom of information act, several hundred pages.


There is a vast volume to read through, much of it a disturbing chronology in Averil's care and much of it relates to the behind the scenes work at CPFT, Addenbrooke's, NCEDS and NNCCG to cover up the negligence that took place in Averil's care.  Amongst the lies and deception that goes on ("what shall we tell Mr. Hart" ... can we limit our exposure ... keep our defence unions involved .... problems with Averil's medical records .... dont let the CEO know the current situation .....), there are a "few good men" who know that the truth may hurt, but that it is the only way to move forward.

I only hope that at some stage these voices will be heard. 

In the long term, I am now confident that Averil's case will be in the public domain for all to see and that the cover up will be exposed. 

Nic 23/10/2014