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When a Review is not a Review

Nic Hart

Dr. Christine Vize has been asked by North Norfolk Clinical Commissioning Group (NNCCG) to undertake a "review" into Averil's care.

Sadly this so called "review" is typical of the NNCCG' underhand way of working as they continue to cover up the true facts behind Averil's death.

"When a review is not a review ...."

  1. When the remit is set by NNCCG's legal team behind closed doors.
  2. When the questions are set by the NNCCG's legal team behind closed doors.
  3. When the patient's (Averil's) family are excluded from the review process in case they expose the truth.
  4. When the person undertaking the review may not be truly independent of those that were involved in Averil's death.
  5. When the type of review is against the Royal College of Psychiatrists own guidelines.

(More on the closed shop that is the Royal College of Psychiatrists to follow, and how they protect their own).

As we were told shortly after Averil died " may never get to know the truth unless you can get an independent inquiry or someone to blow the whistle within the NHS organisations involved".

We know that in the end the truth will come out.