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Accountability .......

Nic Hart

Our wonderful Averil died whilst she was at University of East Anglia.

Averil died of starvation living in the community, whilst she was being "cared for" by a specialist eating disorder unit (NCEDS) headed by Dr. Jane Shapleske and a GP health care centre (UEAMC) accountable to Dr. Suzanne Edmonds.

Neither of these organisations was fit for purpose, yet eighteen months after Averil died they refuse to admit to ANY fault. 

Clearly they neglected Averil's care or she would be alive and with us now, and in my opinion individuals within these organisations were clearly responsible for Averil's death.



What is needed ......

We need proper care in the community for vulnerable, high risk individuals with eating disorders.

We also need truth and openness from the very top, it is long overdue.

When things go wrong those responsible should be held to be accountable and the NHS itself should strive to find the truth rather than relying on grieving relatives to establish and prove failures within the system.

Without hearing the truth from individuals like Dr. Jane Shapleske at Addenbrooke's and Aidan Thomas at CPFT  - how can things possibly get better for those that need help in the future. 

Nic 01/09/2014