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Aidan Thomas chief executive at CPFT .... and how the NHS deal with negligence.

Nic Hart

So after several months of waiting for answers to questions about the care that CPFT and NCEDS provided to Averil, finally today, we get a letter by email from Aidan Thomas the Cheif Executive of CPFT.

As we have come to expect from Aidan Thomas, the letter simply gives none of the information that we requested.

Here is the last paragraph  ....  "I need to be asbolutely clear that we will not be answering anymore of your emails or letters received after todays's date containing detailed questions as we feel we cannot add anything meaningiful to what we have already said or offered"

This response clearly shows that CPFT will not face the truth .. they won't even answer the basic questions that were raised in 2013 and they are now in "cover up mode". 

Why do they refuse to answer questions about the experience, training and supervision by Dr. Jane Shapleske of the only person from NCEDS to see Averil ?

The facts are simple:


Averil died because of the lack of care provided by CPFT/NCEDS (and the University of East Anglia Medical Centre).

Unbelieveably a new trainee from NCEDS with no experience, being the only person to see Averil during her ten weeks at University.

There was no proper supervision of this trainee by Dr. Jane Shapleske and NCEDS did not even communicate with Averil's GP surgery.

Tragically, Averil simply starved to death whilst in the care of these NHS organisations.

They did not even respond to emergency calls to save Averil's life.

As cheif executives, when things go wrong, why won't Aidan Thomas at CPFT, Mark Taylor at NNCCG and Dr. Suzane Edmonds at UEAMC be accountable for their organisations and the services that they provide and admit what happened and simply say that terrible and basic mistakes were made in Averil's care ?

Covering up mistakes endangers patients lives and is totally disrespectful of Averil and her family.

Nic 04/09/2014