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Averil died when ....

Nic Hart

Averil died when she was just 19 years old - she was hit by the "drunk driver" that was the NHS in chaos. 

Next week it will be four years since Averil died.


The drivers that were at the wheel of the NHS during that fateful 10 weeks, then destroyed the medical record, covered up the crash scene and "concocted" a plan to escape detection. The police that investigated the scene of the accident were the PHSO and they didn't even ask the driver if they had had a drink ?

So the lead clinician, the trainee who left Averil to starve to death in the community and the consultant at the hospital where there was a mix up that resulted in Averil having a heart attack are all still out there and keeping a low profile protected by NHS lawyers.

What the cheif executives at the NHS trusts don't appear to realise as they spend money on lawyers to protect their reputation, is that the truth is slowly being revealed.

It has always been out there and at some point in the future it will return and overcome the years of lies and cover up.

You can not destroy the truth of how and why Averil died - it is there for all time. 

The last three and a half years has been utterly soul destroying for Averil's family. How do you grieve for someone you love, when you read and write reports on their death every day ?


Next week it will be four years since Averil died.

I will go to the field where we have planted Christmas trees for her. I will tell her that I am still fighting for the truth and that I will keep fighting with her courage until the world knows what happened and that she didn't need to die.

It is in the hope that no other family will have to ever have to go through this.

I will tell Averil how much I miss and love her and that I am with her.

Nic 08/12/2016