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When simple things break your heart ......

Nic Hart

When Averil died we were left inconsolable.

Those that were supposed to care for Averil and were responsible for her death received counselling , whilst Averil's family and friends were left with an ongoing battle for the truth and a hole in our hearts that will never heal.


Three and a half years on and the pain is just as real and the memories flood back.

Something as simple as a glass of water in my hand can bring back memories of being at Averil's side as she died in hospital, where it was hot and dry and we needed to keep her lips moist.

Even eating a grape can make me wonder whether the fruit in my own mouth would have been enough to keep Averil alive the night she had a heart attack. This was the night when the junior doctor and consultant had a mix up and failed to keep Averil's blood sugars monitored and safe.

Nothing will bring Averil back to us, but working daily for the truth and trying to prevent another similar tragedy does bring me strength.  Just seeing Averil's pictures makes me smile and think of the wonderful times that we had and the joy that she brought to all of our lives.

Nic 07/08/2016