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Time to publish the entire record of Averil's death and the cover up by the NHS trusts involved.

Nic Hart

In the near future the Ombudsman plans to publish its failed report into Averil's death and lay it before parliament.


Rob Behrens the Ombudsman has decided on a timetable that does not seem to allow for any time for re-investigation of the failed inquiry that was undertaken nearly three years ago. This early inquiry was undertaken by incompetent PHSO staff who simply did not understand what had happened to Averil and why she had died.  For three years we have battled to try and ensure that the Ombudsman's office review their failed reports, but sadly although there have been some minor improvements, there are still numerous errors in the latest draft.

Naturally if the Ombudsman publishes a report that does not truly reflect the events surrounding Averil's death. A report that gives no idea of accountability or of the cover up by the NHS trusts involved, then we will start the process of a judicial review to call for a full re-investigation. A new inquiry to show exactly what happened and why Averil died and how she was failed by the NHS clinicians involved. 

In addition to this we will then have the right to publish the Ombudsman's report nationally and allow all interested parties to view all of the documents including the internal emails that show exactly what happened to Averil and the cover up that ensued as well as how the PHSO investigation failed.

I know with a certainty that the truth will come out, just as certainly as the tide that washes the beach where we walked with Averil when she was alive.

Nic 30th June '17