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Update on "When a Review is not a Review"

Nic Hart

Another day of chasing NNCCG to get a copy of their "review" of Averil's case by Dr. Vize. Several phone calls to try and find out why the promised report has been delayed.

Finally a call back from Diane Collier, head of "Corporate Affairs" at NNCCG. In other words their legal team front person. The message for us was that the "review" had not been "reviewed" by NNCCG and therefore could not be released to us.

I suppose it is hardly surprising since the questions and remit were put together by NNCCG legal team, it would be unlikely that they would hand over this document without trying to evaluate its impact and check that it was what they had hoped for and expected.

Scope of Prof Opinion.png

The questions for the "review" are shown here in a copy of the document to Dr. Vize and as anyone can see straight away, the remit doesn't even ask the basic question that any lay person would ask.

For instance "Who actually looked after Averil in the ten weeks at University ? (during which time her health deteriorated so much that she was unable to even walk up the stairs to her flat) .... what experience of Anorexia did that person have ? and what qualifications to look after a High Risk patient ?"

It seems that by not asking basic sensible questions and setting a proper remit, NNCCG hope to once again cover up the truth. The Patients Association always propose that any inquiry or review has the patient and family at its centre.

How can we hope to protect young Anorexic patients in the NHS care when these legalistic games are being played out by "corporate affairs" officials?

It's time to get real and see that an external inquiry should be held, perhaps then we can start to protect sufferers of AN from the tragedy that happened to Averil and at last gain some confidence in the NHS complaints system.