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"To Those Responsible for the Death of Averil Hart"

Nic Hart


To Aidan Thomas chief Executive at CPFT, Mark Taylor the chief executive at NNCCG and Dr. Suzanne Edmonds at the University of East Anglia medical centre ...

You may wish to bury us in red tape and draw Averil's case out as long as possible; but we will not go away until the truth is heard. We require a full and proper external inquiry, with both Averil's family and the Patients Association at its heart, to establish the terms of reference and remit.

The fact is :

Averil died from a treatable illness simply because of the lack of care provided by the NCEDS team and the UEA Medical centre.

If they had done their job properly then Averil would still be alive today.

Averil's death was entirely preventable by proper care and early intervention and this is well known by all involved.

Even Averil's cleaner at University did more to save Averil's life than the NCEDS team headed by Dr. Jane Shapleske who couldn't even attend Averil in the hours after she was rushed to hospital by ambulance.

So to those members of NCEDS and UEA medical centre I would just simply like to say...

"I hope you never have to lie at the bedside of your son or daughter, as they die a long and terrible death due to the lack of care of a medical team."

"I hope that you never have to live with the truth that a medical team were so disorganised, under funded and poorly run that your son or daughter died a tragic and terrible death as a consequence of a catalogue of NHS failings."

"I hope that you never have to put your faith and trust into a medical organisation to look after a loved one, only to be let down by a complete lack of care, compassion and ability to provide appropriate medical care which results in their death."

"I hope that you never have to try find the truth from an NHS organisation that is so ingrained in trying to protect itself that it will go to any lengths to hide the truth of what happened."

"God rest your soul my darling Averil, please forgive me for not protecting you from those that did not and do not care, but yet call themselves "medical professionals"."


My fight to expose the truth will go on and I hope the conscience of at least one of those involved will allow them to blow the whistle on this terrible tragedy...  in hope that we can protect other young patients and expose the cover-up that continues in CPFT, NCEDS and the UEA Medical centre.

There are now many good people who wish to help Averil's family and friends and on the advice and in conjunction with the Patients Association we will be pressing for an external inquiry into what happened.

Read about our experience here.

Nic Hart, Averil's Father