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Freedom of Information .. not so far !

Nic Hart

Another day of Darkness and Light.


When I asked for Averil's medical notes after she died, there was a long period of silence from the NHS. Eventually I was told that the notes would require "sorting out" in order to "protect" Averil and those reading the notes. 

Eventually I received an abreviated medical file that was "filtered" by the team that were looking after Averil. 

The medical file that I was given contained some, but not all of the information that we required in order to file a complaint and certainly there are big gaps in the records, (this was also highlighted by the Serious Incident Report).

So now we are working to get Averil's COMPLETE medical records so that we can establish what went wrong. This eighteen months after Averil died.

Naturally I am concerned that these records maybe "lost" before we can eventually see them. 



More wonderful comments, feedback and thoughts for Averil from all over the world via the web site, Twitter and facebook with offers of help in our quest to find the truth ....... The first step in the long road to help others and also grieve for Averil.