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"Internal report into Averil's care comes out" with not so subtle suggestion to keep it "quiet"

Nic Hart

SO .... at long last we have been sent a review of Averil's care by a doctor, which has been created without our involvement and with the questions raised by NNCCG's own legal team. 

How on earth is that supposed to be independent ?

The covering letter from NNCCG predictably suggests that Averil's care was satisfactory. 

But as Averil's sister Zoe perceptively emailed me straight away ...

 "... if any of the standards of care that [the doctor] assessed in this report and considered to be "satisfactory" were indeed "satisfactory" then she wouldn't be doing a report in the first place ! (and Averil would be alive today).

Averil died because of the negligence and lack of care by NCEDS and UEAMC and the report only makes the cover up seem worse and disrespectful to Averil's memory.

How can NHS organisations that have failed in their duty of care to a 19 year old vulnerable high risk patient ever improve their services if they do not recognise their failures. 

I really do have concerns that after the death of Charlotte Robinson and Averil, that other patients are still at risk and will continue to be at risk.


Nic 28/07/2014