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When the cleaner knows more about the health of a dying patient than NHS consultants ....

Nic Hart

Averil died in the ten weeks after she started at the University of East Anglia, studying the subject that she loved and had fought to study.

Two weeks before Averil, died I called Addenbrooke's to say that Averil's health had deteriorated and was worse than when she was admitted previously as an inpatient and that she was very seriously ill.  

We were promised action, but tragically no appropriate action was taken.

Averil lived in a university flat and her flat mates were very concerned about her deteriorating health and those around her could see that she was dangerously ill. Even her  Aunty in New Zealand 12000 miles away, called me to say that she was worried about Averil after reading Averil's emails.

The Norfolk Community Eating Disorder Service did not monitor Averil's health and nor did the University of East Anglia Medical Centre and her health slipped away in front of those that loved and cared for Averil whilst the medical "professionals" did nothing.


Even though their headquarters were only four miles away from the hospital where Averil eventually arrived by emergency 999 call, NCEDS and UEAMC did not visit for 48 hours because it was the weekend and they say "they were not contracted .... to do so".

In my opinion to say that Carol, Averil's cleaner at her university flat knew more about Averil's health than Dr. Jane Shapleske, the lead NHS Consultant of NCEDS is no exageration.

Carol also did more to save Averil's life than the NHS consultants that were supposed to be looking after Averil.

Carol called for emergency medical help on two separate occassions and told me later that she and friends had become increasingly concerned about Averil's welfare and welbing as the term continued. 

Unbelievably the NHS is still in denial and continues to say that Averil's care was "appropriate" and "satisfactory".