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Things go from bad to worse for Aidan Thomas and CPFT ..

Nic Hart

In my view the care provided to Averil by CPFT and NCEDS was negligent in numerous ways and resulted in Averil's death.

The NHS organisations involved got many things badly wrong. Just basic things, such as actually appointing someone who has experience of Averil's illness to see her and look after her.


Even Averil's cleaner at her flat at university did more to save Averil's life than the clinicians involved.

Now Aidan Thomas and Mark Taylor at NNCCG (the Chief executives) are being totally disrespectful to Averil's memory and her family by insisting that the care provided to her was "satisfactory".

Clearly there is no accountability in the NHS and it is time that those responsible for Averil's death were held to account by others.

Trust is at an all time low even for those who work at CPFT.

 .......... Across England, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust got the worst reviews, with two fifths of staff (41%) saying they would not recommend it to loved ones.

Can it get any worse for CPFT as an NHS organisation or for Aidan Thomas - maybe it is time for him to let someone more competent try to turn this organisation around and start a new journey that is open and honest and puts the patient and their families first, maybe then those that work for CPFT would recomend the care that they provide to their own loved ones and families  ? 

Nic 02/10/2014