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More help arrives ...

Nic Hart

At times over the past eighteen months of dealing with CPFT/NCEDS and UEAMC it has seemed as if the system is all powerful and that patients and their loved ones are are completely powerless in their quest for the truth.

But wonderful things happen in small ways every day, with contact via the web site, twitter and other social media. 


Others who have been subjected to medical negligence in a wider context and those who have specifically been affected by the NHS trusts that neglected Averil are coming forward with their own stories and offers of help.

This help changes my world and by contact with others, it helps change more than my world, it spreads hope that we can change and improve things.

This help also gives significant inside information into the failings of CPFT over the past few years, not just in Averil's case, but in other serious cases.

Little by little the pieces of the jig saw are coming together and we are learning more about the endemic problems that resulted in Averil's death. 

UPDATE 02/10/2014 : 

Further contact today from individuals inside CPFT who have sent their condolences to Averil's family and also important information about the culture of lies and fear at CPFT and links to other serious cases of negligence and cover up.

Thank you for your help and support.

PS. If you would like to help us or provide more inside information into negligence or bad practice at Cambridge and Peterborough Foundation Trust (CPFT), Norfolk Community Eating Disorder Service (NCEDS), or the University of East Anglia Medical Centre (UEAMC)  please contact us via the contact page on the web site - your comments can be made anonymously too.