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GMC Complaints - help please

Nic Hart

IN the last few weeks we have learned a great deal about what went wrong in Averil's care and the failings of the medical teams that were responsible for Averil's death.

We are in the process of putting together all of this information in order to make specific complaints to the GMC about the neglect and negligence that occurred. 

We wish to make this complaint as effective as we can, so that other patients won't have to suffer the same fate as Averil and so that the care at CPFT and NCEDS is improved.

If you can help us in any way to make our complaint as effective as possible (maybe you have had a bad experience with Cambridge and Peterborough Foundation Trust or Norfolk Community Easting Disorder Service or you have made a GMC complaint before)  - please let us know and get in touch via the contact us page.

Many thanks for your help and support.

Nic  15/08/2014


Thanks to all who have offered help, please keep sending in your experiences about NCEDS, CPFT and UEAMC and of making an effective complaint to the GMC.