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NHS Accountability ... the bottom line.

Nic Hart

A long week culminating in a very positive discussion with Anna Dugdale at the Norfolk and Norwich hospital after an external review into Averil's care that suggested that changes are needed and will be made.

In contrast nothing from the clinical lead at CPFT or Aidan Thomas CEO, just more denials and a continuation of the cover up of the lack of care that resulted in Averil's death.


On Wednesday I went to London to meet with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to explain my views and experience of the complaints system and how it had been handled by the various trusts that had "cared" for Averil.  At the meeting were other families that had suffered loss through NHS negligence.

Each family had a similar story to tell. 

In each case the story was of loss and grief and the terrible struggle to get those involved to admit what had gone wrong and provide information.

Some of the cases that we heard had been going on for a number of years, and a similar theme evolved.

Tragic failures of the NHS and then denial by those at the top such as Aidan Thomas at CPFT and those involved such as Dr. Jane Shapleske at Addenbrooke's.  In many cases it seems that relatives understandably give up in their fight for the truth, but even when there is a final exposure of the failures and an empty apology after years of struggle - there is no Accountability.

Everyone at the CQC meeting agreed ... we need Accountability in order for there to be change...

And we need change in order for the NHS to be a safer place for vulnerable, high risk patients.

Nic 06/09/2014