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Every day a song

Nic Hart

Averil loved music. She always had a song on her lips.


Averil's Song for the day was shared. It was a joy to find new music and give it away for inspiration and a sense of togetherness and wellbeing.

Averil's playlist is as joyful and wide ranging as her taste in books and poetry, and friends. 

Even in the darker times since Averil is no longer here to sing, I can hear her voice ring out with joy to the world, and I often choose her a song for the day, something new and adventurous .... or just something simple and beautiful. I imagine the song floating into the universe, energy waves that will be united with Averil.

Today it is "Breathe, by Rhodes".

The song and its sister "Darker side", also by Rhodes, has given me an evening of peace and I imagine it would bring a smile to Averil too.

Nic 08/09/2014

Nb. Reminds me also of a tribute from Laura, a friend from S3 ward at Addenbrooke's:

Beautiful girl with a beautiful spirit - always there to cheer up the breakfast table with an inspiring quote of the day.... and her 9.30am showers with beautiful singing ....