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Nic Hart

Thank you for the overwhelming response from the talk in Manchester on patient safety and thank you also to all of those who have emailed or tweeted me to pass their sympathy to Averil's family.

It is reassuring to know that so many proffessionals and patients are totally dismayed and horrified by the care that Averil received from Addenbrooke's, CPFT and the UEA medical centre.


Please make a difference to all of those that you contact by letting them know about Averil's case so that we can prevent a tragedy like this happening again.

To all of those that asked for more information, I will be publishing all of the facts once the PHSO report has been sent to parliament. Sadly it makes for very sad reading and it is hard to believe how the care that Averil received was worse than in the third world. 

Please sign up in the contact section if you would like to see each of the final reports on the care that Averil received. 

If you have a patient safety conference and would like me to talk about Averil's case then please contact me. 

Nic 14/07/2015