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Where We Are Right Now...

Nic Hart

We began Averil’s campaign in order to prevent the tragedy of her death ever being repeated. But to also help raise awareness of the illness, its treatment and how those suffering from it are cared for. 

Day to day we are making slow and steady progress with these aims, but we always need more help.


Recently, I was interviewed by Suzy Powell (working with the HSIB) about Averil's death and I was asked about the circumstances in which she died and the way her death was subsequently handled by those organisations that failed her.  

To answer simply, not only did those who were meant to be caring for Averil fail her but those who had the ability to provide answers to her family failed her also. 

Investigation teams within the NHS organisations have proven to us that they are unable to produce truly independent reports that shed true light on the failings of their own organisations.

This highlights the need for a robust investigation team that can look into deaths and serious incidents from a truly independent standpoint.

We have faith in the fact that the truth surrounding Averil's death and the cover up that ensued will come out, but until then we can only work towards spreading Averil’s story in ways such as this interview. 

Please take the time to watch our video, comment and spread the word that we need truthful investigations into serious incidents and we want better services and care for our loved ones in the community.