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Why the Ombudsman's failure puts patients lives at risk ...

Nic Hart



Here is a copy of our recent correspondence with Dr. Bill Kirkup, who is heading the Ombudsman's failed inquiry into Averil's death.

784 days into the inquiry and with the resignation of 5 investigators.

We are still so far from the Truth that it hurts. 


1.        On 6 Oct 2016, at 16:13, Bill Kirkup wrote:

"Dear Nic,

I am sorry once again to be apologising, and do understand that this is an exceptionally frustrating process.  It has taken longer than I expected to bring everyone somewhere near the same page since Sarah left...........

With apologies,



2.      On the 7th Oct 2016, Nic Hart wrote:

 Dear Bill, 

You will no doubt appreciate, that whilst the Ombudsman continues to fail, there is little chance of true NHS improvement in cases like Averil's and therefore the same mistakes continue to be made.

This places patients at risk. 

My concern, along with those of other families, is that as a result of the continued failings by the Ombudsman, more patients will die unnecessarily.

We all need the PHSO to wake up fast and take on its responsibilities to those at risk in society right now.


Averil's dad


 3.      On the 7th Oct 2016, Nic Hart wrote:

Dear Bill,

Yet again.

Further delays.

Where are the resources that we were promised two and a half years ago in order to get the inquiry into Averil's death completed within 12 months ?

I am sorry to have to say this to you quite so directly.

The PHSO is a failed organisation and appears to care very little for those it is supposed to be helping.

You say that this is a "frustrating process" for Averil's family as though we are waiting for a delayed train. 

What Julie Mellor and others fail to understand is that every day that passes without proper resolution of the inquiry into Averil's death, is a day that causes us real pain and real suffering. 

We are in touch with other patients and families whose cases are being dealt with by the PHSO and we are not alone. 

The Ombudsman is creating further injustice to those that have already suffered terrible loss.


Nic Hart

Averil's dad